Psycho Derby 2030

March 25, 2012

Profile: Absolutely Lizard Brain

East Side's wrecking crew

East Side's wrecking crew starts with Lizard and her wingmen, Mousy Brawn and Anne R. Key


NAME: Carmen Elisabeta Consuelos y Martínez

TEAM: East Side Homewreckers (NYC)

POSITION: Jammer, Blocker

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: 2029 Season (775 points)

HOMETOWN: Monterey, Mexico

ROOKIE YEAR: 2024 (Houston Belle Jet Rangers)

SIGNATURE MOVES: Duck and cover

Lizard Brain (#66) arrived from the Mexican desert with six-guns blazing. On the track, she easily plays a dual role as jammer and blocker, a one-woman wrecking crew. For this versatility she was named Most Valuable Player for the 2029 season and aims to retain her title.

QUOTE: “The Devil takes no holidays.”

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