Homeland #1

Everyone's a hero in Homeland! Occupy your mind with comics on the political satirical front, including Barcourt's Mother, Comfort Creatures and Tea-Party Tom!

Meet some of the characters you'll encounter:

In "Barcourt's Mother":

Barcourt's Mother -- A Puritan lady born in 1632, now facing the rigors of life in this modern age of sin and corruption. She drives a curved dash Olds and isn't afraid to spoil the rod to spare the child!

Barcourt -- Her wily son, fun loving and naive, haplessly wanders into situations that threaten to bring shame and abomination on his mother and the church.

Dwayne the Hippie -- The ne'er-do-well rabble rouser who regularly leads Barcourt astray.




Order print issue: 20 pages

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Price: $3.00

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