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Homeland #2: Vote to Win!

Wham! Bam! Comics strikes again with another issue of “Homeland”, just in time for the 2012 Presidential race! In the second issue, revisit the Comfort Creatures gang as perennial temp Arty Mocker ponders how to cast his vote; Barcourt’s Mother drives her son to the Washington — the ‘Gomorrah by the Pacific’ — on a pilgrimage for his political enlightenment; and we get an insider’s glimpse of the world’s wealthiest in “Name Your Wage” and “Superheroes for the One-Percent!”




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Homeland #1

Everyone’s a hero in Homeland! Occupy your mind with comics on the political satirical front, including Barcourt’s Mother, Comfort Creatures and Tea-Party Tom!

Meet some of the characters you’ll encounter:

In “Barcourt’s Mother”:

Barcourt’s Mother — A Puritan lady born in 1632, now facing the rigors of life in this modern age of sin and corruption. She drives a curved dash Olds and isn’t afraid to spoil the rod to spare the child!

Barcourt — Her wily son, fun loving and naive, haplessly wanders into situations that threaten to bring shame and abomination on his mother and the church.

Dwayne the Hippie — The ne’er-do-well rabble rouser who regularly leads Barcourt astray.




Order print issue: 20 pages

Price: $3.00

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